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04-31, Skudai Parade
Shopping Complex,
Batu 10, Jalan Skudai,
81300 Skudai, Johor,

Lot 3, Block B,
Subang Light Industrial Park,
Off Jalan Subang 2,
USJ 1, 47610 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

14, Jalan Medan Ipoh 9,
Bandar Baru Medan,
31400 Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia.




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BS-301W.TOA Speaker System

BS-301B.TOA Speaker System

HB-1.TOA Wall/Ceiling Mount Subwoofer Speaker System

H-3WP.TOA 2-Way Wall Mount Speaker System

H-3.2-Way Wall Mount Speaker System

H-2WP.TOA 2-Way Surface-Mount Speaker System

H-2.TOA 2-Way Surface-Mount Speaker System

H-1.TOA 2-Way Flush-Mount Speaker System

HS-P1500W.TOA Powered Speaker

HS-P1500B.TOA Powered Speaker

HS-150W.TOA Coaxial Array Speaker System

HS-150B.TOA Coaxial Array Speaker System

HS-1500WT.TOA Coaxial Array Speaker System

HS-1500BT.TOA Coaxial Array Speaker System

HS-120W.TOA Coaxial Array Speaker System

HS-120B.TOA Coaxial Array Speaker System

HS-1200WT.TOA Coaxial Array Speaker System

HS-1200BT.TOA Coaxial Array Speaker System

SR-S4SWP.TOA 2-Way Line Array Speaker System

SR-S4S.TOA 2-Way Line Array Speaker System

SR-S4LWP.TOA 2-Way Line Array Speaker System

SR-S4L.TOA 2-Way Line Array Speaker System

SR-H3L.TOA Line Array Speaker

SR-H3L.TOA Line Array Speaker

SR-H2S.TOA Line Array Speaker

SR-H2L.TOA Line Array Speaker

HX-7W-WP.TOA Speaker System

HX-7W.TOA Speaker System

HX-7B-WP.TOA Speaker System

HX-7B.TOA Speaker System

FB-150W. TOA Subwoofer System

FB-150B.TOA Subwoofer System

HX-5W-WP.TOA Compact Line Array Speaker System

HX-5W.TOA Compact Line Array Speaker System

HX-5B-WP.TOA Compact Line Array Speaker System

HX-5B.TOA Compact Line Array Speaker System

FB-120W.TOA Subwoofer System

FB-120B.TOA Subwoofer System

GS-302.TOA Garden Speaker

TP-M15E.TOA Explosion-Proof Horn Speaker

TP-M15D.TOA Explosion-Proof Horn Speaker

TH-652.TOA Horn Speaker

PC-5CL.TOA Clean Room Ceiling Speaker

PC-3WR.TOA Splashproof Ceiling Speaker

PC-3CL.TOA Splashproof Ceiling Speaker

F-2852C.TOA Wide-Dispersion Ceiling Speaker

F-2352SC.TOA 2-Way Wide-Dispersion Ceiling Speaker

F-2352C.TOA 2-Way Wide-Dispersion Ceiling Speaker

F-2322C.TOA Wide-Dispersion Ceiling Speaker

F-1522SC.TOA Wide-Dispersion Ceiling Speaker

F-122C.TOA Wide-Dispersion Ceiling Speaker

FB-2862C.TOA Ceiling Subwoofer

CM-760.TOA Separate Type Ceiling Speaker

F-2000WTWP.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-2000WT.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-2000W.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-2000BTWP.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-2000BT.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-2000B.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-1300WTWP.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-1300WT.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-1300W.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-1300BTWP.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-1300BT.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-1300B.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-1000WTWP.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-1000BTWP.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-1000BT.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

F-1000B.TOA Wide-dispersion Speaker System

PC-391T.Wall Flush-Mount Speaker

PC-391.Wall Flush-Mount Speaker

PJ-200W.Projection Speaker

PJ-100W.Projection Speaker

PJ-304.Projection Speaker

PJ-64.Projection Speaker

PE-304.Pendent Speaker

PE-64.Pendent Speaker

HA-1010.Long Range Slim Array Speaker

TZ-S60W.Slim Array Speaker

TZ-S240W.Slim Array Speaker

TZ-606WWP.Column Speaker System

TZ-606BWP.Column Speaker System

TZ-606W.Column Speaker System

TZ-606B.Column Speaker System

TZ-406WWP.Column Speaker System

TZ-406BWP.Column Speaker System

TZ-406W.Column Speaker System

TZ-406B.Column Speaker System

TZ-206WWP.Column Speaker System

TZ-206BWP.Column Speaker System

1 - 90 of 162

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+6016-660 5699

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+6016-733 3364


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